Online Writing Jobs Listings — 2019/06/21

Ángeles Fernández
3 min readJun 21, 2019
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It’s time-consuming… When you’re looking for new writing opportunities on the web, well, it usually takes some time until you find something -let’s say- interesting.

I am from Spain and, unfortunately, online writing opportunities in Spanish language are not easy to find, the market is not as important as the one based in English language.

So, I‘m curious and always try to find new places where I can write. But I’m not a native English speaker and my English still needs to be improved... So, anyway, here you have some writing jobs I found today. Although I always try to select, be always careful! There are different scams over there.

And here we go! These are today's’ listings:

Digital Editor-In-Chief (CNBC, Business Insider, Money)

  • Experience: as an editor-in-chief, executive editor, deputy editor, or editorial director and at least 8 years of digital editorial experience at major publications.
  • Work from home; this is a fully remote position.
  • Company: The Oracles.
  • They offer a link to apply. For more details, click on the link.

Hiring article and blog post writers for ongoing work (Anywhere)

I have found this one a lot of times. I haven’t given it a try, and I have never heard about other people’s experience with this site.

  • Payment: $10 per 100 words for writers and $3 per 100 words for editors.
  • You need to apply and send them a sample of your writing.
  • Company: International Association of Professional Writers & Editors. This is the information you can find about them:

SteadyContent is Hiring Additional Writers

  • Company:
  • They offer between $12 and $200 / article, depending on length.
  • Must be a US Citizen or have a USA stripe account.

Legal Writer (Telework)

  • Company: BluShark Digital LLC.
Ángeles Fernández

Born and living in Spain. After many years working for a private company in Spain, Angeles is now teaching Spanish online.

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