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One more day, more telecommute writing jobs! This is what a found today, hope it helps!

And remember… Never pay to get a job.


  • Compensation: Not mentioned.
  • They are offering to two different positions: Content Project Manager & Editor, and Freelance Contributor.

  • They are looking for: Freelance translators and copywriters. (Two categories: Semi-Professionals and Professionals.
  • Compensation: They pay via Payoneer or PayPal in 7 to 14 days.

WebProfits — Kick-Ass Direct-Response Copywriter Wanted

  • 100% remote position.
  • Contract.
  • They are offering a contract basis writing sales copy…

“La siesta” is a very common habit in Spain. Have you ever heard about its benefits? Keep on reading to learn more about this healthy but yet so habitual practice in Spain.

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Ok, whenever I have the chance, I spend some fifteen minutes either on our sofa, or on bed, relaxing, my eyes closed.

Always, always, after lunch. This is implied whenever we talk about “la siesta”. (Note: Spanish lunch is not exactly a light meal but two dishes and dessert!)

I’d maybe have a short sleep, and it would be a light but restful sleep at the same time…

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I belong to a group of people who love languages; in fact, I’m curious and try to learn at least the basics (and my husband thinks I’m crazy!) But, yes, that’s what I like. Well, more than just learning them, I’m curious about how “they work”. Have you ever tried Duolingo or Memrise? I did! And there is a lot of apps and websites where you can practically learn any language, if not for free, for a low price.

You know, some people would say I’m kind of dinosaur… talking about technology, I mean! Well, well, let me tell you…

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It’s time-consuming… When you’re looking for new writing opportunities on the web, well, it usually takes some time until you find something -let’s say- interesting.

I am from Spain and, unfortunately, online writing opportunities in Spanish language are not easy to find, the market is not as important as the one based in English language.

So, I‘m curious and always try to find new places where I can write. But I’m not a native English speaker and my English still needs to be improved... So, anyway, here you have some writing jobs I found today. Although I always try to…

Speechling logo capture, Source:

And what about if it’s free? (Well, you can start using the free option!)

In case you still don’t know about it, I am talking about an app I just tried few days ago. It’s name is Speechling. Well, in fact you can either use their app or the web, both work great.

I just tried it to improve my English first, and I found it so helpful! I had to listen to a sentence / word, and then clicked to record it. And one day later, my personal language coach sent me some feedback about my pronunciation.

I must…

Ángeles Fernández

Born and living in Spain. After many years working for a private company in Spain, Angeles is now teaching Spanish online.

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